Very good movie to watch for a Romanian, but I am not so sure if the language nuances can be properly translated in other language. For others probably is more interesting the slavery aspect, although is not as action packed as Django or as dramatic as Amistad.

For my own understanding and research I tried to explain some of the phrases from the movie. The movie is understandable by a normal Romanian speaker, but there are lots of archaic terms from which I understood about 50% and the rest I actually need to go again through the movie and, frame by frame, detect and search for them. Dexonline was my friend on this one (always is). In general there are a lot of Turkish, Greek and Slavic words, that are not used anymore.

> Si ipochimeni ăștia vii pe unde se dusese?
> Pe unde au putut, ca strigoii, pe câmpuri, pe suhaturi

> [cei] morți și cei smreduiți de ciumă

> futu-i cleftul măsii

> fira-i a dracului de hârca

Se întelege dar sunt forme arhaice (și haioase):
> mai vârtos trebuia să zici tu de la început
> o sa îi dea zeamă de clopot, glas de popă și ulei de hârleț

> avem o darevere cu starețul…
> zapciul a venit să facă o perierghie
> să nu te fi îmbolnăvit de la moșul ăla, că ai futut chima.

I do not have time to explain all the phrases, but maybe someone else will continue from where I left.

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