Twitter died but it will take some time to get cold.

Yeah, I know.

Such a big title and who am I to say this? This is my opinion of course and feel free to disagree.

But I have the feeling that the concept failed. For me is the need to say more than 140 chars. Twitter is a good place to throw a slogan, a comment or quickly vent some steam but is a bad place for a debate or an exchange of ideas.

Is not good for news, you are missing too much stuff that could matter. The ecosystem is not maturing. Maybe it as something to do with the lack of structure, I do remember that at the beginning I had difficulties understanding how Twitter can be useful and profitable.

So.. who it will be man to pull the plug? Or where the big successes (like digg, slashdot, etc) go to die?

And what is next?

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