things I would do as president/king/dictator/leader of a country #1

I would allow retired people to keep working for a maximum 4 hours/day with 0 taxes while keeping their pensions coming.


Because is good for economy, for them and for the younger guys. The economy and the companies can benefit from a lower taxation on some of its employees. Maybe it has to be to a certain level, but I can also envision companies that only hire old people. Is good for them because it keeps them alert, maintains the brain functioning and gives them a social environment. Is good for younger guys that can pick knowledge from the older generation. Due to so much new tech, I think that currently people are underestimating the value of prior knowledge.

Why 4 hours only?
Because I don’t want companies to abuse them or this system.

All human history. Is a quite recent feature that after a certain age we transform old people in vegetables in front of the TV. They are a great resource of knowledge and experience.

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