the mechanics of giving away stuff


dump site?

is this a dump site?

I have been visiting an association that takes care of homeless people the other day. Their modus operandi is that they recover things that people want to throw away: furniture, old stuff, dishes, books, etc and they prepare it and sale the stuff. The problem that I found is that they are selling the stuff are very high prices. Actually they don’t sell anything and their property is filled up with stuff that rots in the moist Portuguese climate. You cannot imagine the quantity of stuff that lays unused and unloved, piles of stuff that is almost inaccessible, and piles of things outside waiting the next rain.

I actually believe that even if you give away an old thing that is not of zero value. The donor entrust the organization with a potential value, which he hopes that the organization will transform into benefit for the people in need. The worst thing a charitable organization can to is to go into a hoarding behavior, by setting prices to high, thus creating deposits of junk and loosing the potential value of the stuff. What you need is to roll and transform the potential value into any value, and by that I mean hard euros. 1 euro is better than 0 euros. You cannot help people with 0 euros or facebook likes, you need euros.

So, charitable organization that I shall name (Emaus Caneças), stop behaving like a antiquary with other people donations, and be a helping organization, which creates value and helps people.

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