OSX – Finder is blocking the machine

I wanted to transfer some extra images to an external HDD so I can clear up my MacBook Air. There was an error saying there is not enough space, I canceled the operation and now the finder is blocked, blocking also the access to the computer. Restarting the computer does not work as once started starts the same finder process and keeps it blocked.

With the help of the local Apple shop booted my Mac into safe mode, but there the finder does exactly the same thing, blocking the computer. They recommended reinstalling the OS.

Is there anything else I could do before doing such a radical procedure? I don’t know if this is a good next step if this could also be just a sign of a damage HDD.


Well. Thanks to all trying to help. I fix the problem and I will share my solution for future lucky Mac users that will get into the same problem.

My first try was to boot from Ubuntu USB stick. But that is a big fail. You can see why here. Thanks to Steve Jobs is (practically) impossible to do that.

Boot with the Re-install Drive provided by Apple (push C while booting). I was at the point of reinstalling, but I saw there are some applications on that drive, one of them being the terminal. Thanks to the terminal I was able to get my files in Volumes. There I deleted a bunch of files that were filling up the disk and impeding the normal functioning of the finder. Lucky me I did not have to reinstall.

The morale: don’t trust an OS that on reboot cannot restart the main filesystem process. It seems that the Finder process needs more HDD space than he actually reserved for himself :?

I’ve asked the guys on http://apple.stackexchange.com and the guys on the local shop and they all recommended reinstalling. The guys from apple.exchange even downvoted me for mentioning Steve F. Jobs. Fuck you all, geniuses.

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