are we going to miss the natural selection?

My guess is that we will and pretty soon.

Natural selection is a key element to evolution, being a nonrandom process by which biologic traits become either more or less common in a population as a function of differential reproduction of their bearers. A rabbit that runs faster than others may be more likely to escape from predators, and algae that are more efficient at extracting energy from sunlight will grow faster. But these days, at least for humans the things are not like this anymore.  Advances in medicine and more health care and in social behavior result in longer lives and very low infant mortality rates, a very known fact.  Thought the current gene pool seems healthy, by allowing all (or most) mutations to survive some really different and maybe unhealthy branches of humans will develop. XMEN? I see them coming! So far the biggest group that benefited the tranquility are the mediocre. The hunter-gatherer had to work hard in order to make a catch or a harvest. Things are getting softer each day.  Is mediocrity going to asphyxiate the creativity? A big mediocre society does implement mechanisms that empower its own representatives. The politics today are run by mediocre intelligence, people who are really representing the damaged and brain dead middle class.

My questions are:

  1. how do we continue to improve our specie? should we intervene?
  2. we need all that diversity? we need subspecies for Homo Sapiens Sapiens? is the cast system pointing towards this?


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