PHP Barcelona 2009 impressions

Last Friday and Saturday I was attending PHP Barcelona Conference.  Barcelona is a TOP10 tourist destination but when it comes to PHP we are a small province town, and as you may suspect Gaudi and beaches are somehow more famous here than programmers. But we exist and most of us try to do their best and this happens thanks to Barcelona PHP Programmers Group.

The program had enough presentation to choose from.

These are the presentations that I’ve attended:
Working with Web Services – by Lorna Mitchell, not bad but very basic. Probably good for PHP programmers who never worked with an API or webservice before. Alex Puig presentation about actually implementing an API was far more interesting.

Trees in Database – by Lorenzo Alberton. This one was better even though it wasn’t a PHP subject. I already knew and implemented some of this advanced data models, but not all.  Interesting.

Simple is Hard – by Rasmus Lerdorf. Good. I love people that tell me I am stupid.

Ajax for scalability by Erik Schultink from Tuenti. Good advices but nothing different from Facebook presentations seen on InfoQ and good only if you have the site with most traffic in your country .

Agile Development with PHP in Practice by Lars Jankowfsky. Basic.

I’ve also been to an Oracle on PHP workshop. Database Resident Connection Pool on 11g seems interesting.

PHP Security Audits – by Seguy Damien. Very clear and nice. Give me and Andrea something to discuss. I think I should do PHP and Javascript audits. Not only security but also code improvements.

The overall organization was good. Food and drinks, books with discounts.

The State of QA Tools for PHP by Sebastian Bergmann. Probably one of the most interesting presentations of the conference.

I did attend to a Phing seminar I think it is a pretty useful tool that I cant wait to test.

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