twitter surprise by Rasmus himself

rasmus_tweeterI was asking in Twitter if anybody knows about what Rasmus Lerdorf will talk on his talk at Barcelona PHP Conference, which was without a topic. I was also interested about the other subject that runs in parallel PHP Industrialization. I want to see the GURU inventor of PHP itself, but nevertheless I don’t want to see him to take a picture with him. This is not an amusement park. I want to hear something enlightening. I know that I can expect too much, it happen before at a PHP event with Zeev Suraski, from where I did go dissapointed. I hope people come in Barcelona and treat the conference seriously, and don’t take this a a vacation. I am absolutely fed up with tourists.

Anyway, this post is about the power of Twitter, which so far I was underestimating. How cool is to have Rasmus responding to you directly and in a non official manner?


PS. in January 2009 I was creating Rasmus Lerdorf page in ro.wikipedia. So probably exists a Law of Compensation. :)

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