Spain, Third World Country in Health Care

This is an update to my post about Spain, a third world country in internet services or Renfe – the antiCustomer . This is getting more pathetic everyday.  Today I had the proof of something that I already suspected:  Spanish Health System really sucks. I almost never get sick and I always pay my taxes. I should get a fast response for the money that I pay … like 1000 euros a month for social services. I get exactly shit. I wanted to make an appointment to check my myopia with an ophthalmologist. Today I get a date for 14 of December 2009. Two months for a routine 20 minutes check? This is bullshit. Even in communist Romania I didn’t get a date more that 1 week.

I want to ask my money back or something. Or at least to cry out loud for this situation that everybody is considering normal. The doctors told me this is a happy case. They are accustomed and they don’t really care anymore. What if you have more important health issues? You can fuck yourself as this Catalan government cares for. They are more preoccupied in political issues or in getting the fucking tourists buying trinkets in Rambla.  Everybody should sue CatSalut for not providing for the money we pay for. And at least not to vote the same stupid political manager over and over again.

I’ve send this to CatSalud,  Lavanguardia and Periodico de Catalunya. Probably a useless action, because CatSalud managers probably get some villas and nice cars from not doing anything and keeping the situation like it is now, as every public manager in Spain, and the newspapers that are interested only in making money or scandal sex stories when they appear.

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