why deezer sucks


Since a while ago Deezer was my favorite in listening music. I cannot be bothered anymore with downloading music. By the way… where are the times when we were recording songs from radion on magnetic tapes? … It’s just too time consuming.  I prefer to listen it online, although I am not an avid music listener. But lately it seems that Deezer and others ( some video sharing sites in USA)  are starting to restrict access to content based on their marketing preferences, which is probably illegal as well as stupid. If is not a question of royalties and only a problem of bandwidth you guys should solve the bandwidth problem by contracting cheaper bandwidth. What you are doing now is loosing users and creating a trend of people who will speak bad of you. Like me.

And just in case Deezer thinks it’s doing me any kind of favours, try this in google.

intitle:”index.of” (mp3|avi) led zeppelin stairway to heaven -html -asp -php

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