Continuously victims

There are a type a people I really don’t like.


  • they had a hard childhood – think about the kids in Africa, I would be ashamed to say I had a hard childhood, you probably were spoiled that’s what happend.
  • they are attacked for being a minority. Let me bring you some news: in this world of 6 billions, you are a minority of ONE. Get over it. People will hate each other for whatever reasons till the end of time. And they succeed when you worry and feel attacked.
  • they are overworked – and they hardly work
  • they are underpaid – and they don’t deserve a better pay
  • they are ugly – if you think so… than you are. Fuck off!
  • they have no rights – and they don’t fight for their rigths
  • they just talk and complain – YES, this is the good ATTITUDE that will get you your rewards. Keep it like this.

Fuck  you all. Do you think life was easy? Who told you that? Your mammy? She was as stupid as you are.


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