do not buy Apple

Sometimes I give suggestion to my friends about software and hardware. I started working on a HC91 and since then I worked on various types of hardware. I love computers and Macs alike, but this is not a reason to stop reasoning.

These days you don’t need a Mac. Not even in the old days. Some hardcore DTP professionals are probably the only ones that had any kind of argument, but those days are long over (the days of Corel on Mac – awful ).

Mac products are restrictive, cost way too much, have little or none upgrade capability, have a stable but closed OS, limited active community in development of software.

If you need something nice in your house and you like light curves buy a VASE.
If you need some self esteem in front of your friends, grow a PAIR.
If you need a good stable friendly interface for browsing install LINUX UBUNTU.

For everything else you can buy a cheaper, stronger computer, do your stuff and get out of the herd of marketing Apple slaves.

This is not a suggestion anymore. Stop buying Apple.

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