Zend Studio 7.0 Beta testing

Download link. You will need a Zend account.
Still based in Eclipse. This means it will compete with Eclipse PDT and Aptana. What I don’t get is why Zend is comparing this product with Zend Studio 5.5. When I first saw that I thought that this version will not be Eclipse based anymore. Why not compare with version 6.0? Maybe there are too many people who were disappointed of 6.0 and decided to go back to the version that really worked?

FTP connector still sucks. I cannot define a remote path when defining a connection. I have 120 domains on the server, so FTP connector stops loading the site. FATAL!
You still cannot connect a defined project to an ftp source and synchronize between them.

I like that they put phpUnit library there, but why not throw the JavaScript libraries as well?
Another thing I like is Zend_Tool, which looks interesting even if is probably not worth the money. The thing that I like about the ZF is that is not abusing shell commands. Let’s keep it minimal.

I don’t feel like there was the need for a major release only to give support for PHP 5.3 and to push the Zend Server a little in the mix ( why not care about Xampp?).

At the end of the test I still like more the free version of Aptana or NetBeans or even Eclipse PDT. I’m not building ZF projects every day and you can handle them even from other editors.

Even if I always recommended Zend Studio in a corporate environment I dont really think that the product has a net competitive advantage compared with other free IDE’s.

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