Spain – third world country in internet and client culture

Why the bad feelings about the country where I currently reside?

Because here happen things that I didn’t see in real third world economies.

  • internet is a monopoly.
  • telephony is a monopoly.

These are the main reasons everything goes bad. Telefonica Spain has the property of all lines and these lines can be rented only to a few Telefonica parasites: Tele2,, Ono, that are supported only due to the fact that monopoly is forbidden by law. But apart from this these ones treat the client the same or worst as Telefonica.

In Spain there is a law that requires ISP to deliver 10% minimum of what you contract. Yes you read well. The European Union law against the fake ISP advertising that requires 80% minimum bandwidth from what you signed is not applicable in Spain and probably never will. Is like paying for a car and only getting 1 wheel.

Another thing that disturbs me. We are in 2008 and the maximum bandwidth that I can contract from any of these interbreeded providers is 20Mb which in reality is 2 or 3mb. Which in reality is 250kb. In 2008!!! You cannot get fiber optics. Ono is the only provider of fiber optics but they don’t do it for private persons or in my area in the center of Barcelona. The rest of the services involved, or the technical expertise of these companies…. forget about it. My mother knows more I swear.

:)) You gotta be kidding me.

And the worst thing is how they treat you. As you don’t have options … you are nobody so feel free to shut up. Or write on your blog.

A word for foreign investors looking to invest in Spain: JUST DON’T!

// Update almost a year later. 23/06/2009
Things are as same as always. Lately I had some more interactions with Telefonica, Jazztel and Vodafone. They all really suck.
We need an internet revolution in Spain.

// Update 22/09/2009

And finally I canceled my contract. An awfull experience with them all this year until the last drop ( cancelling is a nightmare ).

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