programming kitchen

Looks like the world of programming languages is like a kitchen. Every day more and more flavors appear. Everyone does something and taste particular, which is good.

The bad part is that some people imagine the programming languages as candies. At least some of them, I hope that outsiders. Otherwise I can’t explain job postings like this [resumed]:

“looking for PHP programmer. ideal candidate should know PHP/mySql, HTML, Ajax, JavaScript. We value C++/C# / .NET, micro-controllers programming”.

Hold on one minute! I am a PHP programmer. Not that this is implicit but nowadays it is presumed that I should know SQL, as it is used a lot with PHP. OK. SQL becomes salt and piper at the table.

So far so good. We are working in the Internet business and HTML is a standard like bread at the table. OK

We are at 2.0 plate so I also understand Ajax and JavaScript as the fork and the knife. A little style or help is needed if you don’t like to eat with your hand.

But C++ and .Net are a big step or steak. This cannot be extrapolated from a PHP regular plate. These are complex languages which both require some years of study to get the taste and proper consistency. You cannot just throw them in the candy mix like this. Java also is a complex dish.

And then the desert: “micro-controllers programming”!!! What this has to do with the PHP post? What kind of chef is this?

And if possible, everything with 10 years of experience, and well baked in some medium salary enough to let you dream at some mortgage.

These people don’t know shit about cooking!

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