Vista Aero vs Ubuntu

It’s inutil to say that I an ubunter now. Did’t wrote about this so far, as my previous experiences with Linux were ill fated. I’ve tried to install and use RedHat in 1999 and after TWO weeks I did have half of computer cards working. In 2001 I’ve tried Suse and Debian, but never succeded in making a working server with all applications and packets in order.

Since then I limited myself to a user position and left to the professionals what is theirs, Well, until now.

My current version is Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon upgraded from Feisty Fawn. The installation is a breeze, a 30 minute painless job. Upgrading is the same, all you need is a internet connexion.

Even the most complicated task can be solved to a search in internet. I don’t miss any software that I used to have on windows, with the notable exception of Photoshop, who’s replacement, Gimp, seems less potent, but it could be just my reticence to learn its ways.

And by the way, the my FREE Ubuntu works on a laptop 4 years old, with a grafic card ATI 7000 and 1 GB de ram which will never allow the use of the 600 usd Vista. See the movie above to understand what Linux knows these days.

Unless you miss the buggy Internet Explorer and TBSOD (the blue screen of death) I recommand switching fast.

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