Consumist times

I wanted to write about the human consumerist nature, now that we are entering December and everybody will abandon to shopping frenzy, but I realize that this is futile waste of energy.

Instead I will write an equally worthless urmuzian and rhetorical question about an oak.

  • Why the oak, in his might, doesn’t produce tomatoes?
  • I am sure his capable of it, after all his one of the big ones
  • I am sure that he has some time off from day to day responsibilities as an oak
  • maybe he wants to break the monotony from time to time
  • or he could want to retire after a long time of acorn producing
  • or he might want to play a trick to a fellow beech
  • or the falling price of the acorns makes him change the business model
  • or he could fall in love and make some strawberries for a while

I like oak myself…

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