bodies… just bodies

I’m just having a coffee after seeing the Bodies Exhibition in Barcelona. The exhibition is in Barcelona till January. Last week I was talking with a german friend about the waves that this exhibition made when it first appered. She advised me about the dual nature of it. Half controversy – half science.

You can choose either half, but I think it worth seeing.
Althought is
* not cheap (19 euros)
* not complete – I’ve seen pictures on the internet with bodies that are not here
* not for everybody – I wouldn’t recommend it for a field trip for 4 grade school, but sure I will for any major of age or future wannabe doctor.
* it is not fast to enter – lines can take up hours in the weekend
* not allowed to make photos (these are found on the net)

Horror or anatomy, decide for yourself. Chinese convicts plastifieds by Gunter von Hagens.

bodies face

bodies face

bodies fetus

bodies hand

bodies respiratory

bodies running

bodies face2

bodies face2

bodies skull

bodies face2

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