pills with problems

Pills come in more forms and sizes… but u$$ually the come in packs. You don’t need only one, usually you need a whole treatment and a least a couple of them. Not even the simple aspirin is not one pill on a sigle tablet. Like this one I am getting today.

Not even NEO and Morpheus didnt have JUST 1 pill, they had 2.

You know why this pill has it’s own plastic holder, wich was enough for another 8 pills, and it’s own box and own leaflet?

Because this pill is expensive, very expensive; and expensive pills have the right not to stay with their like ones. Is this the pills claustrophobia or … my favorite sin, the vanity of humans who buy this pill. So, if they took so much money from me on a single pill – at least to be on a golden plate. Human psyhic is active even when the body is ill. People don’t even seem to care if it works, just the price is important. I wonder who was the designer of that pill…

Make this test: go to a local pharmacy and ask them which is the most expensive pill or the most expensive treatment that they have. You are warned by me that the answer may overcome the value of your car or the value of your house. If it doesn’t, don’t worry, the pharmacist is there to note this kind of discrepancy and by the next time you go there, progress is to be made.  :|

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