blogging software

Textpattern or Worldpress, there is no significant difference for me after a few days of testing. They both dont know how to recognise a full server path like this one:


which is on a shared server as a subdomain. You have to manually adjust some settings and even to disable some permalink style code. This meaning that instead of having a path like

all I can get is a

which is not about bush anymore, but about this bug that I have found.
Better subject anyway…

So bloggin’ can be very easy if you dont know anything about programming. You go to and they do all for you. But when you like to say that you know what software is and snitch one finger under the layout it gets messy. Textpattern even calls them “messy links”. :)) Nice one.

Above all it’s a good thing that I got started anyhow, it was taking too long already…

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